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When you have a need for a Credit Expert Witness, you need someone who has the expertise to be able to analyze all facets of a Credit Report for Credit Damage. You need to choose someone with real-world experience and a strong knowledge of all FICO and VantageScore credit scoring models and the knowledge to access the real weight of damages that are being caused by negative credit events. Also, in rebuttal cases, that expert knowledge of how the FICO model really scores different events can be used to keep the Plaintiff from exaggerating possible credit damage. My 20 years of experience of the real-world, day-to-day practice of dealing with the effects of credit issues helps to create an advantage in effectively analyzing credit reports. My Expert Reports and testimony are done in a clear, concise, and easily understood way.   Give us a call at 631-514-4193.


Daniel Sater is nationally recognized as a credit expert. Dan is an author, speaker, and founder of Credit Scoring Advisor, a nationwide credit restoration firm. He has spoken at national conferences, trained other credit repair companies on Credit Scoring, Credit Repair and the inner workings of the Credit Reporting Agencies. He has written the Certification Exams on FCRA/FDCPA/CROA, the FICO scoring model, and Credit Reporting for NACSO - the National Association of Credit Service Organizations, a non-profit trade association.


Experience in Credit Reporting, Credit Scoring, Consumer Credit Laws, Identity Theft, Credit Restoration, Credit Damage Analysis & Credit Bureau processing.

Extensive background in Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, and Mortgage Underwriting.

Numerous years of reviewing and analyzing over 15,000 "Before and After" credit reports to learn the FICO secrets of scoring and its impact on Credit Reports.

Certified Credit Expert

Certified FICO Professional

New York State Certified Instructor for Continuing Education


Nationally Recognized Credit Expert

Credit Expert Witness - Credit Scoring Expert - Credit Damage Expert - Credit Reporting Expert

FCRA - FDCPA Expert Witness

Better Knowledge - Stronger Cases - Superior Results

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