Extensive Knowledge of Credit Reporting, Credit Scoring, Consumer Credit Laws and Credit Repair


     In-depth Real-World Experience on the Impact of Credit Damage and Loss of Credit Reputation

Mortgage Lending, Underwriting,  Real Estate, & Credit Restoration

Nationally Recognized Credit Expert - Author, Speaker, Educator, Credit Coach and Credit Expert Witness. Founder of Credit Scoring Advisor.

Dan compliments his credit knowledge with a background in Real Estate,17 years of Mortgage Lending, and the distinction

of being on of the first loan officers trained in underwriting through the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Direct Underwriting Systems.


Dan has personally reviewed and analyzed over 15,000 credit reports for credit damages.

  • Certified Credit Expert - (CreditCRM)
  • Certified FICO Professional (AllRegs/FICO)
  • Certified CROA, FCRA, FDCPA (NACSO Trade Association)

Credit Scoring, Credit Reporting, & Credit Repair Training by DanSater


  • Speaker/Trainer – Credit Repair Summit (created by SCORE Inc.)Created and presented training on the

Comparison of the Difference Credit Scoring Models” and

Certification for “Understanding the FICO Credit Risk Scoring Model”

  • Speaker and Expert Panelist at National Conferences for the Credit Repair Industry. San Jose CA, - Las Vegas. NV, - Phoenix AZ, - Dallas TX, - Tampa FL.
  • Credit Mastermind – Dan developed this training course for credit repair company owners in advance credit repair tactics and the FICO credit risk scoring model.
  • Certified New York State Instructor for the Continuing Education requirements for Credit Repair in the Real Estate Industry.
  • Member of NACSO – the National Association of Credit Service Organizations  Chairman of the Education Committee  Created Three Certification Exams for  Members
  1. Consumer Laws - FCRA, FDCPA, FACTA              
  2. Knowledge of the FICO Credit Risk Scoring Model                                                  
  3. Understanding & Evaluating Credit Reports


Knowledge of Credit Scoring Models & Credit Damage


  • Dan has 26 years of experience in Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, and Credit Repair.
  • Dan has an in-depth knowledge of Credit Scoring, Credit Reporting, Credit Damage, Mortgage Lending and Consumer Credit Laws (FCRA, FDCPA, FACTA), as well as Credit Repair.
  • Certified by AllRegs in conjunction with FICO as a Certified FICO Professional and as a
  • Certified Credit Repair Expert by CreditCRM.
  • Since 1997, Dan has reviewed over 15,000 consumer and lender credit reports. Dan has a strong knowledge of all FICO and Vantage Scoring Models.  He is also has a working knowledge of the Credit Reporting Agency's  e-Oscar electronic system (Online Solution for Complete and Accurate Reporting), Automated Universal Data (AUD) reporting through the use of Metro 2 format, and, Automated Credit Dispute Verification (ACDV). Few experts have had the real-life experience in analyzing the before and after results of changes to credit reports and how it affects the FICO Scoring results.
  • Dan has an extensive knowledge of Credit Bureau processing. After years of dealing with the bureaus and disputing thousands of tradelines, he has identified their weaknesses and short-comings.


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